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Description of Services

Cyberhenge designs custom sites to showcase your products and services. A site that is attractive, user-friendly and easy to find is one of the most important assets for companies of all sizes in today’s business environment.

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All Web hosts are not the same. Ineffective Web hosting can result in interruptions of service that frustrate Web surfers. Overloaded servers can slow to a crawl. As Web hosts, we pride ourselves on reliability. When your Web site is on our server, visitors will find it readily accessible.

To make sure your site runs properly, we use paired Linux servers, which means that if one should fail, the other is in place to provide continuous service. We monitor the loads on our machines, and when one of our clients starts to get large amount of traffic, we move the site to a different server before it affects the performance of other sites.

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It's no secret that the Internet has changed the business landscape, but it's not always clear what that means for your individual business. Let Cyberhenge visit your business and discuss your needs. We can help you figure out how to use computer systems and the Internet to achieve your goals.

We will evaluate your needs and work with you to find efficient and cost-effective solutions. Among other things, the Internet can streamline processes to link a dispersed sales force, multiple offices, or members of an organization. Cyberhenge's Co-Founder, Franklin Piuck, has an extensive background in helping companies use technology to enhance productivity and create new operational capabilities.

We have participated in a wide variety of industries in a wide rage of capacities.

We do not believe that one size fits all. Your needs are unique. Your businesses are unique. You may be an antique dealer handling one-of-a-kind items; you may be the owner of an art gallery. You may be an artisan, hand-crafting each item you sell. Whether you’re an art dealer or an artist or the owner of a different type of small business, your solutions must be tailored to you. We have the experience to understand your environment.